Every second matters for the victims of human trafficking and sexual expliotation, so please do all you can, to support Our Childrens Keeper Foundation, in bringing our children home

In America 2-3 children are trafficked every 60 seconds & Each night there are more than 100 young girls exploited in the city of Alanta

  • 80% of victims are female, 50% are children
  • $32,800 is the average weekly earnings of a trafficker in Atlanta.
  • 5000 girls are at risk to be trafficked in Georgia
  • 12,400 men pay for sex with a young woman in Georgia-Each month
  • 7200 men exploit an adolescent female in Georgia-Each month
  • Commercial sex trafficking of minors is the fastest growing sex crime.

When you give to Our Childrens Keeper Foundation, you’re funding to Rescue, Rebuild, Restore,Educate and Raise Awareness of the second largest, and the fastest growing crime on earth after drug trafficking. More resources for engaging with parents and communities, means more progress towards, reducing and a possible eradication of sex trafficking —Donations will help instigate and promote legal reforms, protect survivors of trafficking. Our Childrens Keepers will explore the rehabilitation of survivors, and empower them to rebuild their lives.

Current Missing Children

Your Donation will help in Preventing trafficking at the community level by creating awareness