Our Children’s Keeper Foundation is a non-profit organization, that strives in protecting children and vulnerable individuals from sex trafficking. Our mission is raise awareness, by promoting personal safety, and providing psychological support to the families of these victims.

Our Children’s Keeper Foundation educates communities and parents about the dangers of sex trafficking. Genise Shelton the founder of Our Children’s Keeper Foundation wants people to know that it’s not just girls who are victims, and that boys are also being trafficked too. Also, it’s no longer just the creepy old guy hanging out near the middle school when the bell rings. Now children’s peers are pimps.

Engaging with families & Communities

  • The foundation engages with families and communities via various medium.
  • Our Children’s Keeper Foundation advises parents to invade their children’s privacy.
  • Parents must know who their children are communicating with via the internet and be aware of the sites their children are frequenting.
  • The foundation implores adults to be observant and aware of their surroundings.
  • Pay attention if you see something that doesn’t feel right.
  • People both young and old are encouraged to ask questions-.
  • When you see a child with an adult who appears to be scared
  • Or behaving in an awkward manner, ask the child if they’re OK.